Sat 27th July our 3rd Memorial Shoot

The weather was good – fine warm with very little wind more or less ideal conditions for Clay Shooting.

We had approx 130 people shoot the course and a lot of positive comments again. The silent auction was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who donated the items for the auction :-

  1. Days Grouse Shooting  at Stotley         Donated By J Nainby-Luxmoore
  2. Grouse Sculpture                                Donated By Border Fine Arts
  3. Full Car Valet                                     Donated By N & A Mitchell
  4. Days Pheasant Shooting                       Donated By Lanehead Syndicate
  5. 100 Clays DTL/Sporting                       Donated By Teesdale Gun Club
  6. Signed Sunderland Shirt                      Donated By Adam Mitchell
  7. Six Mixed Bottles Wine                        Donated By P & Y Metcalfe
  8. 32″ Toshiba TV                                    Donated By J Raine & Son
  9. Two Collectable Model Cars                Donated By Langdon Beck Hotel
  10. Signed Middlesbrough Pendant            Donated By Middlesbrough Football Club
  11. One Week In Villa in Spain                  Donated By Drew & Donna Allison
  12. 250 Cartridges                                    Donated By Wemmergill Moor
  13. Karen Millen Watch                            Donated By
  14. Taxi Ride                                           Donated By Alan Green
  15. Days Pheasant Shooting                      Donated By Auckside Syndicate
  16. Pair of Padded Chairs                         Donated By C Mitchell
  17. Thre Bags of Dog Food                        Donated By
  18. Tefal Acti-Fry                                     Donated By
  19. Car Service                                         Donated By Mickleton Engineering
  20. Hand Carved Walking Stick                  Donated By Eric Wilkinson
  21. 20 Pints at Commercial Hotel              Donated By Leanne & Keith
  22. Four English Breakfast’s                       Donated By Cafe 1618

Once again a big thank you to our Stand Sponsors:-

  1. H & M Construction Ltd
  2. Lord & Lady Strathmore
  3. McFarlane Family Butchers
  4. Middleton Care
  5. Middleton Forge
  6. Alston Road Garage
  7. ME & CE Bell

The Results of the shoot are:-


  1. Andrew Morrow        52/60
  2. Jake Gargett            52/60
  3. Andrew Den             51/60


  1. Jackie Hammond     47/60
  2. Evelyn Gibbs           35/60
  3. Bev Ridley               35/60


  1. John Scott             48/60
  2. Peter Fawcett       47/60
  3. G.W Hudson          45/60

Under 16″s

  1. Sam Holmes        27/60
  2. Josh Rayner         13/60
  3. Marcus Allinson     12/60


  1. Jake Gargett         52/60
  2. Andrew Dent         51/60
  3. Peter Henderson   46/60


  1. Andrew Morrow
  2. Jake Gargett
  3. Andrew Dent


  1. Horden Grouse      161
  2. Lanehead              138
  3. Auckside                127

I would to congratulate Josh Rayner in being the first family member to be placed in the Clay Shoot, he did well to shoot a score of 13/60 with his 410

We would also thank all the people who gave us the 70 raffle prizes, all the people who scored and trapped on the day, thank you to Helen Beadle who kept the shoot entries up to date and sorted out the winners, a big than you to all the people who made cakes and buns for the tea & coffee stall they proved very popular once again.Thanks to Peter Henderson, Ross Mitchell & Andrew Morrow for setting out the course, and not forgetting all of you who shot the course.

We hoping that by the time we have paid all this years bills we should be able to donate about £4000 to local groups, any local group can get in touch with us about a donation.


Thanks Again from the Mitchell Family