This is our 8th year, how time flies! Weather not to good at first a heavy down pour about 09:00 hrs, it did get a bit better even had a bit of sunshine, but the main problem in the afternoon was the wind, which changed the course completely and not for the better!! Takings were down a little bit due to the weather, but we can’t do anything about that !!! Once again no clear round and we had 134 people shoot the course, you can see by the scores how bad the weather was !

We didn’t supply cartridges this year as we found some plastic wads from last year as we walked our dogs on the Monday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had 24 items in the silent auction and 119 raffle prizes



Andrew Morrow 39/50

2nd Racster Dingwall 38/50

Rob Mitchell 36/50


1st Evelyn Gibbs 24/50

2nd Lyn Cuthbertson 22/50

3rd Louise Gibbs 20/50

Under 16’s:-

1st Kyran Richardson 20/50

2nd Ralph Ferguson 18/50

3rd Fergus Makepeace 14/50


1st Peter Henderson 34/50

2nd Robert Beadle 32/50

3rd Doug Maclean 31/50


1st Brian Ballantyne 32/50

2nd Dennis Robinson 31/50

3rd Hugh Wyatt 29/50


1st Andrew Morrow 39/50

2nd Racster Dingwall 38/50

3rd Rob Mitchell 36/50

Syndicate Trophy won by Horden grouse

Once again thanks for all support from the Mitchell family

So far we given away over £34,000 to local groups and causes this includes 9 defibrillators around the dale !!!!!!